Davis Floyd
Sgt. Charles Floyd
Sgt. Charles Floyd's memorial in Sioux City, IA

Davis Floyd (1774-1831) was an Indiana politician who had a life mixed within the very fabric of history as we know it. His life has also been tangled with myths, legends, and questions. Davis Floyd was never the governor, the delegate to the U. S. Congress, a Supreme Court judge, or a general, but he was involved in almost every facet of the Indiana Territory, the young State of Indiana, and the Florida Territory.

Author, Ernest W. "Bill" Smith, of New Albany, Indiana, has turned his years of historical and geneological research into a new book on the life of Davis Floyd and offers it here for the casual researcher, professional historian, and interested reader.

Davis Floyd and Southern Indiana at the Crossroads of America in the Early 1800's and Floyd's Florida Connection, is full of information, stories, and intriguing investigations into accounts of connections with Queen Elizabeth I, Napoleon Bonapart, Pocahontas, Aaron Burr, and others.

Mr. Smith encourages readers to submit questions, information, and images to this historical work, in hopes of continuing the fact finding process that all good works endure.

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Gabriel Jones Floyd Sword War of 1812

War of 1812 officer’s saber and scabbard
which belonged to Gabriel Jones Floyd.

Corydon Indiana Davis Floyd
Pictured above is the house that Davis Floyd built in 1816, in Corydon, Indiana, that became the first "Governor's Mansion," Queen Elizabeth I, and Napolean Bonaparte.

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